Our History

Happyland opened in the 1970s as one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Austria. With its large sports, leisure and recreational facilities, it not only offered a wealth of sports options for private persons but also provided ideal training and playing surfaces for local clubs. In the following years, many of Klosterneuburg’s sports clubs either settled near Happyland or found their new home here.


Happyland has seen lots of changes and expansion since then. In December 1987, after not quite five months of construction, the sports facilities were expanded with the addition of an ice rink – today’s Winterlounge. The sauna area has also undergone renovations over the course of the years.


The groundbreaking ceremony for the new artificial turf playing field in September 2013 signalled the start for the next important phase of construction. The project, titled Happyland 2016, comprises the renovation and expansion of the existing facilities and is to be completed by the year 2016.


Facts and figures about Happyland

More information about the current phase of construction is available here